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Treasure Coast Diving Sites

Remembering the sunken ships and lost treasures of long ago, explore the underwater world of spectacular reefs and tropical fish here in Martin County along the Treasure Coast of Florida.

Fishing licenses are required.  Find out how to get yours.

Donaldson Reef  
Cluster of steel tanks and barrels sunk in 58 feet of water to create artificial reef.
Due east of Gilbert's House of Refuge, Stuart, FL

Ernst Reef  
Made from old tires, is a 60-foot dive site.
4-1/2 miles east/SE of St. Lucie Inlet, Stuart, FL

Georges Valentine  
A 767-ton three-masted, Italian lumber bark ship that wrecked in 1904. This is a protected site that has the distinction of being the only underwater archeological preserve in the county as well as on the National Register of Historical Places.
500 feet from the House of Refuge, on Gilbert's Bar, Stuart, FL

USS Rankin  
Rankin is a 459-foot ship used in WWII. Deck hatches are open and allow for exploration.
7 miles east/NE of St. Lucie Inlet, Stuart, FL

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